Company Culture
Product Liability
Products quality
The Group endeavours to provide high quality and safe products to the customers. The Group has strict quality control in each operation step: procurement, production and warehousing. The Group tests quality of product samples by paying on-site visits to suppliers in order to select high quality product-suppliers and to ensure the quality of products. In respect of warehouse management, the Group has room temperature warehouse and cold storage warehouse to meet the storage requirement of different products to keep the products in good condition and good quality.

The Group strictly complies with all applicable laws and regulations and obtains all the license in relating to product responsibility.

The Group attaches great importance to maintain customer relationships and values customers’ opinions. The Group maintains close communication with the customers in order to obtain better understanding of the customers’ expectations and feedbacks. Should any complaint arise, the Group will carefully consider and investigation will be carried out to identify the issues.
Workplace Quality
Qianhai Health cherishes employees who are the key to business growth and sustainable development. It has offered a pleasant working environment and advocates a balanced life style. Job training and continuing education are encouraged and supported.
Working environment
Qianhai Health offers competitive remuneration and adjustments each year to employees according to each employee’s performance, contribution and the market condition. In order to enhance a sense of belonging among employees, employees were encouraged to participate in the interior design of the office to create a comfortable working environment. In addition, our colleagues will get the opportunity to socialize and enjoy themselves during the Group’s annual dinner.
Health and safety
To promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, our Group offers its employees discounts to various products. A 5-day working week (5 working days per week) ,provides employees with a more flexible schedule. The Group will continue to offer employees with competitive welfare and a better work experience.
Development and training
The Group actively assists employees in career development. Employees are encouraged to share what they have learned and apply to work, which will allow the Group to advance.