Product and Service Responsibi

Products quality and health promotion

Customer-oriented and persistent in sourcing materials from quality origins, our Group appointed senior purchasers to the U.S. and Canada every year during the ginseng harvest season to strictly selected American Ginseng of the best quality for our customers. To emphasis on product quality, our Group has also taken on the mission of improving public health awareness and promoting American Ginseng. In 2011, we collaborated with the Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine (ICAM) of Hong Kong Baptist University and published the book “細說花旗參”, hoping to provide the public with more in-depth information about American Ginseng and eventually raise self-awareness towards health. The book can serve as a reference for regimens and therapies. Moreover, our Wild Ginseng store in Sheung Wan will strive towards promoting the medicinal value and in depth knowledge of Wild Ginseng which is also in line with our mission of raising public health awareness.

On the other hand, we are actively expanding distribution channels so that customers have easier access to our products. We have introduced direct consumable American Ginseng supplements for customers’ convenience. To enhance shopping experience, we have established store-in store concessions in selected shopping malls and supermarkets, and online shopping platforms to increase sales network.

Interactions with customers

To provide an easy access about the Group and American Ginseng information, the Group has set up an official website as well as a Facebook account, where customers can leave messages and enquires regarding health and ginseng.