Our Mission

Provide high quality products

Today, many living in a high pollution environment with demanding and stressful lifestyle have caused major concern over their health issues. Hence, our Group has determined our core business philosophy is to spare no efforts in providing the finest products with decent origins.

To make sure all of our American Ginseng are sourced from the natural soil of North America, we appoint senior purchasing specialist to the U.S. and Canada annually during the harvest season from September to December to secure American Ginseng with the best quality. Thanks to our traditional selection method, we can consistently provide our customers with the finest ginseng all year round.

Promotion of American Ginseng and health

In 2011, the Group collaborated with the Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine (IACM) of Hong Kong Baptist University and published the book “細說花旗參”, with the aim of providing the public with more in-depth knowledge about American Ginseng and its efficacy on health. The book also serves as a reference for regimens and therapies.

Moreover, to raise public awareness we are utilizing our official website as well as Facebook account to share(contribute further) information about the American Ginseng.