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American Ginseng originates in southern Canada and northern America and spreads over N30°-40°, W67°-125°. However, not all high-latitude hillside fields are suitable for the growth of American Ginseng as there exist certain climatic and geographical requirements such as altitude, slope and temperature. Cold and dry areas with low rainfall provide the optimal environment for American Ginseng. According to research, American Ginseng grows best on well-drained slopes of 8-15 degrees facing northeast, along with an annual rainfall of 1,000mm-1,300mm, temperature of 20°C-25°C and altitude of 200m-1,000m.

In addition, its botanical nature makes American Ginseng very selective about the soil. Cultivating it on unsuitable land may turn fruitless. High-quality American Ginseng only grows on well-permeable fertile soils with a thick and loose sandy texture (pH5.5-6.5). Being a slow-growing perennial plant, American Ginseng absorbs various nutrients from the soil which eventually becomes barren. Thus, plots cultivated with American Ginseng for 6 years will be left fallow for no less than 10 years. This contributes to the valuableness of American Ginseng.

Moreover, as American Ginseng cannot survive in intense sunlight and strong wind, the farms are usually surrounded by straw shades, which also block animals and insects.

Distinct climate and fertile land of North America are ideal for the growth of American Ginseng. Our American Ginseng harvested there has passed quality tests with global recognition and therefore can be consumed trustingly.