Press Release

15 Oct, 2015
Opens its First Global Flagship Store in Beijing Appoints Famous Actor, Mr. Yam Tat Wah as Spokesperson

(Hong Kong, 15 October 2015) Hang Fat Ginseng Holdings Company Limited (“Hang Fat Ginseng”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, Stock Code: 911), the world largest first-level American ginseng wholesaler, is pleased to announce today that, its global flagship store in Beijing is officially launched, being part of the company’s strategy to penetrate into the consumer market in mainland China, and to expand its business from wholesale to retail. Hang Fat Ginseng also announced the appointment of famous actor, Mr. Yam Tat Wah as the brand’s spokesperson. Besides his good taste of fashion and lifestyle, Yam is well known for his healthy image, and will be a perfect interpretation of the Group’s corporate philosophy of promoting wild American ginseng and public health.

The global flagship store located in one of the most bustling area in Beijing, Jinbao Street, nearby Wangfujing and Chang'an Avenue, surrounded by luxury hotels, top clubhouse, high-end shopping malls, class-A office buildings and other high-end properties, brining many high-end consumers to this district. The gorgeously adorned 1560 sq. ft global flagship store sells wild ginseng wine, precious wild American ginseng and related products; as well as functional products which are well received by Hong Kong consumers, including “Yang Ginseng” against hyperuricemia and “Hang Fat Ginseng” which enhance immunity, to meet diversified needs of customer.

Mr. Yeung Wing Yan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hang Fat Ginseng, said in the Ribbon-cutting ceremony: “The American ginseng market in mainland China is currently dominated by cultivated American ginseng from China and North America. The establishment of flagship store in Beijing will ushers in a new era for imported wild American ginseng market in China. It will also be an entry point of Hang Fat Ginseng into mainland market; leveraging on Yam’s healthy image, we will actively promote medicinal value and efficacies of wild American ginseng, leading the trend of wild American ginseng consumption and hence changing the mainland American ginseng market ecosystem.”

About wild American ginseng
Known as “King of herbs”, wild American ginseng contains rich active ingredients including dozens of ginsenosides, various amino acids, vitamins and micro-elements. Wild American ginseng is now belongs to endangered species, its harvesting and exportation in American are strictly regulated under laws of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as the Washington Convention (“CITES”). Hang Fat Ginseng established a full scale lean upstream supply chain to ensure steady supply of quality American ginseng. The Group is currently the world’s largest first-level American ginseng wholesaler, accounting for over 60% of the world’s market share.

Photo 1: Hang Fat Ginseng appointed famous actor, Mr. Yam Tat Wah as the brand’s spokesperson.

 Photo 2: Hang Fat Ginseng’s global flagship store dazzles with sophistication.