Corporation Information


Stock Code 00911.HK
Company Name Qianhai Health Holdings Limited
Listing Date 27 June 2014
Registered Location Cayman Islands
Business Scope Investment Holding company and subsidiaries are principally engaged in sourcing and wholesaling of American Ginseng (Panaxquinquefolius L., a herbaceous perennial plant in the Araliaceae family, which comprises Cultivated American Ginseng and Wild American Ginseng)
Registered Office Room 301-303, 3/F Wing Tuck Commercial Centre
177-183 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel +852 2545 7228
Fax +852 2545 7999
Chairman Mr. Huang Guanchao
Main Shareholder Explorer Rosy Limited
Members of the Board Executive Directors
Mr. Huang Guanchao
Mr. Lim Tzea
Independent Non-Executive Directors
Mr. Li Wei
Mr. Wu Wai Leung Danny
Mr. Yuen Chee Lap Carl
Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer Ms. Yip Tak Yung Teresa
Investor Relations Contact Email
Hong Kong Share Registrar Tricor Investor Services Limited
Level 22, Hopewell Centre
183 Queen’s Road East
Auditor Baker Tilly Hong Kong Limited
Solicitors Chiu & Partners